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Who is Rack Store?

Rack Store is a Nucor Warehouse Systems (formerly Hannibal Industries) Premier Stocking Distributor. Our goal is to be the most reliable source of Nucor pallet rack and cantilever rack, as well as rack accessories in the country. We do this by stocking a large inventory of standard sizes, offering high quality products, and providing world-class customer service!

Is Rack Store a competitor?

Rack Store is a distributor for Nucor Warehouse Systems and only sells to material handling dealers. Nucors’ pallet rack products are made in the USA in Vernon, CA, Houston, TX and Monroe, GA. Rack Store offers many of their products in the Quick Ship program, providing materials in 24 to 48 hours.

Where is Rack Store located?

Rack Store is located at 9440 Lucas Ranch Rd, Suite B, Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91730

Can anyone buy pallet rack from Rack Store?

Rack Store only sells our rack inventory and accessories to our partner Material Handing Dealers and Distributors.

How do I become a Rack Store partner?

First, you must be a Material Handling Dealer and second, we need to set up an account for you. Afterwards, you can log into the website and see inventory with prices. Complete our online Dealer Form, or contact us by Phone 855-795-RACK (7225) or by Email

What Credit Limits & Payment Terms does Rack Store provide?

Credit Limits & Payment Terms are established during the account set up process. Rack Store will look at your company’s history, physical location, capabilities, and financials to determine the appropriate limits & terms for your company.

Why can’t I see prices on the Rack Store website?

Prices are only visible on the Rack Store website to logged-in Dealers. Prices are not published on our website for the general public to see. This protects our partner Dealers – we like to take care of our customers!

Can I get a Quote from Rack Store?

Logged-in Dealers can get a Quote through the Rack Store website. The website’s RFQ tool helps create Quotes, archive Quotes, and convert Quotes to Orders. If you need assistance getting a Quote, please contact us by Phone 855-795-RACK (7225) or by Email

What inventory does Rack Store have in Quick Ship?

Our goal is for the Rack Store website to display up-to-date, accurate inventory of products and quantities available in our Quick Ship, and to make this information available to our partner Dealers when they are logged in.

What if Rack Store is out-of-stock?

Rack Store is constantly replenishing inventory every month. Nucor Warehouse Systems / Hannibal Industries products are made in the USA and manufactured right here in California! We do not have to deal with long lead times from China, or the bottleneck occurring at the ports.

Does Rack Store stock anything else besides Nucor Warehouse Systems (Hannibal Industries) pallet rack?

Rack Store stocks Nucor pallet rack, Nucor structural cantilever rack and additional Nucor products including rack accessories like row spacers, column protection, end-of-row guards, and shims. Rack Store also stock WWMH wire decks and Hilti anchors.

How do I order from Rack Store?

Logged-in Dealers can create a Quote on the Rack Store website, then convert the Quote into an Order. If you need assistance ordering, please contact us by Phone 855-795-RACK (7225) or by Email

Are Purchase Orders required to order from Rack Store?

Yes, a Purchase Order is required to place an order from Rack Store.

When can I pick up my order from Rack Store?

In-stock items have a standard lead time of 24 to 48 hours. It may be available sooner or may take an extra day or so when things get busy and during the holidays. For back-ordered items, lead time may be 6 to 8 weeks or sooner, depending on our order cycle and when the order was placed.

Will Rack Store deliver my order?

Rack Store does not have any trucks, but we can arrange freight to deliver your order anywhere within the USA. We have a large network of reliable shipping companies and brokers to help with any order of any size.

Can I return product to Rack Store?

Yes, we accept returned materials with Approval. All returns must be scheduled with Rack Store. Materials must be returned in 30 days and in the same condition as when they were picked up. We do not accept return of used materials, but we may know someone that will.

Does Rack Store have a minimum or maximum order size?

Rack Store accepts any order size. We do not have any minimum or maximum order size. No job is too small or too big!

Does Rack Store Install Pallet Rack?

Rack Store does not provide installation.

Does Rack Store offer Structural Engineering or Permits?

Rack Store does not have engineers but one of our experienced staff may be able to assist and point you in the right direction.