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To be the most reliable source of new Hannibal pallet rack and accessories in the country. We do this by stocking a large inventory of the most common sizes, offering high quality products, and providing world-class customer service.


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Our inventory is for Material Handling Dealers & Distributors only. Rack Store does not sell direct to end-users. We offer wholesale prices and fast lead times to Dealers. Call or email us to set up your account today!

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Rack Store

Rack store is a Premier Stocking Distributor for Hannibal, a Nucor company. Hannibal is manufactured right here in California, and in proximity to our stocking facility. With a 30-year history of loyalty to Hannibal and working in the material handing industry, we are fully dedicated to building long-term relationships. Our core principles of value and trust define our culture.


Trust is the cornerstone to repeat business, but it takes time to build trust. We plan to earn yours by keeping promises, owning and fixing our mistakes, adopting transparent business practices and exceeding your service expectations.


Rack Store values teamwork – one of the most important components of world class customer service is instilling teamwork in our personnel and teaming with our partners. We know your success is our success.

Open Communication

Open and honest communication is the bedrock that Rack Store uses for constructing a trusting relationship with our partners. We promise to always be honest and upfront with all communication.

Personal Responsibility

Every Rack Store employee understands and embodies the company’s service commitment to customers. We take this responsibility personally and apply it to everyday decisions.


We understand that being hopeful and confident in the future is part of our success. We know that not every day will be optimal but will still face that day with a sense of optimism.

Innovative/Willing to Change

It’s not always about being efficient and working with scale. Sometimes you must embrace the uncertainty and solve large problems with small innovations that are seldom considered. We foster and support that open spirit of innovation.

Treat People the Right Way

Speaking truth allows people to be honest with themselves and with you and acting with integrity keeps relationships on a high standard. We believe that you need curiosity to grow, candor to deepen, and integrity to continue any business relationship.

Can-Do Attitude

A “can-do” attitude carries an intrinsic value of positivity. Our positivity keeps us focused on success. We tackle mental roadblocks, aim high and are not afraid to stretch ourselves.

Work Ethic

Commitment to Service is our Mission - and taking on that commitment means hard work and a steady work ethic. We understand that being the best is a not just a philosophy but an attitude every person carries.

Pride in What We Do

Rack Store takes pride in the fact that we have been a Hannibal stocking distributor for over 25 years and serving Southern California for since 1992 – 30 Years!