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Future Is Bright with Strategic Partnership

One of the largest US manufacturers of steel pallet racks, Nucor Warehouse Systems / Hannibal Industries, announces that Rack Store in Rancho Cucamonga, CA will serve as a master distributor for its products throughout California.

Rack Store is the latest edition to Nucor Warehouse Systems / Hannibal Industries expanding network of master dealers. Rack Store offers a full line pallet rack and cantilever rack products in addition to a wide selection of accessories.

“We see them [Nucor Warehouse Systems / Hannibal Industries] as a valued and trusted partner. Our business relationship with them spans more than two decades and we’ve been able to provide our clients with designing warehouse systems to maximize productivity and operational efficiency with Nucor Warehouse Systems / Hannibal Industries’ trusted racking systems.”

– BeBe Kidwell, Rack Store President

Rack Store specializes in solving facility material handling and storage challenges, increasing personnel throughput, and assisting in the reduction of operating costs.

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